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Securing an Excel Spreadsheet

Teachers are being pushed into using data to drive their classroom learning, whether it is test scores or anecdotal information about student behavior. Much of this data is considered personal since it is related to grades or behavioral notes and under FERPA requirements it should be considered confidential data and secured properly. This is a place where most educators go wrong simply because of lack of knowledge. However since most educators are keeping this data in an Excel spreadsheet it can be easily password protected to secure the data.

Secure an Excel Workbook with a Password

  1. Click on the File Menu and choose Save As.
  2. Using the Tool menu choose General Options.
  3. Use one of the next two methods:
    1. To have users enter a password before they can view the workbook, type in a password in the Password to Open box and click Ok.
    2. To have users enter a password before saving changes to a file, type in a password in the Password to Modify Box.

These methods will allow you to use basic encryption with the file you are working with there are methods to upgrade or change the encryption types used with Excel files.

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