Classroom Communication

Creating a Classroom Website

In the modern education arena it is an unwritten requirement that teachers maintain some sort classroom website to help communicate with parents and the community at general. While many districts are saying that teachers must have a classroom website, they typically are not saying how they must create the website. This leads teachers to use free or district provided tools to create these classroom websites. However, most teachers don’t know what types of information to put on their classroom website and what types of information not to put on their classroom website.

When we as teachers are creating anything we typically have the end-goal in mind, so let’s start there to generate an idea of what we want our classroom to look like. One great way to come up with a list of information for your class website is to ask your parents, a quick survey can be sent home via email which parents can respond to. Typically most parents will want to use a classroom page as a place to find general information, which can be a great supplement to information that is typically emailed to parents. Information that typically can be found on a class page is:

  • Syllabus
  • Weekly Lesson Plans
  • Permission Forms
  • Activity Calendars
  • Project/Class Activity Photos (check with your school’s privacy policies first)
  • Homework/handouts

A classroom website can and will be whatever you as the teacher make it to be, It can be a great source of information or it can be a place that is completely ignored by parents and students.

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