Backup 101: Making Sure your Important Files are Still Around

Backing up your files is one of those things that we all know we should be doing, but most of us are not actually doing it or not doing it enough to be effective. So in this article we will run through some basic file backup procedures that anyone can be doing at home or at the office.


  • Storage Device: any type of device that can store computer information on it.
  • Source-Drive: this is the hard drive, USB drive or CD/DVD that contains the files that you want to back up.
  • Target-Drive: this is the device that you will be storing your backup files on to, this can be any type of storage device.
  • Redundancy: The idea that any system should have repeated fail-safes built into it.
  • Encryption: The methodical scrambling of information so that it is not easily read by anyone else.


Basic Copy Backup Method

This is the simplest form of backup, copying your files from one drive to another. This method is used by most computer users worldwide. This method involves two separate storage devices and the user simply copy and pastes the files from one location to another.

Automated Backup Method

This method does take a bit of time to setup, but once it is up and running your information will be backed up without you having to think about it.

Online Backup Method

Online backup is one of the most reliable methods for backing up your data for two reasons, the actual backing up of your files is done when your computer is sitting idle also your back up is “off-site” meaning that if your house is destroyed  your back up files are not. Several companies offer inexpensive backup services, two companies standout for ease of use and cost-effectiveness. ( and

No matter which method you choose to utilize, everyone should be backing up their digital files and lives, when so much of our information is stored on our computers.

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