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Cellphone Etiquette

In my classroom cellphones are used for a variety of tasks, from documenting ideas and work to creating training videos that the students can use show mastery of a topic. However, I often find that most students do not know the etiquette of having a cell phone. What I mean by etiquette of a cell […]

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The Digital Teacher is a project started to help new teachers and those teachers that are moving to integrate technology into their classrooms more effectively. The old idea of a classroom is very quickly moving away and teachers are being given technical support by districts to support the technology itself. But they are not given support on how to effectively integrate it and manage it, that is where we step in. We are here to help point teachers in the right direction, to gather and disseminate good methodologies to that can help teachers immediately and we also explore the latest technology used in the classroom by current teachers.

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Why Build a Classroom Website?

Teachers have been creating classroom websites for the past 15 years, however many of these sites were created with tools that extremely basic and came with a hosting provider, the results were websites that looked like an elementary student had created them.


Reforming Formative Assessment: Part 3 – Ranking Questions

In the previous articles in this series, we discussed how to redesign and reform the structure of tests and how to test in a more effective method. These are useless though if we are not designing better assessment items and putting those assessment items together in an appropriate methodology.

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Cellphone Etiquette
Cellphone Etiquette


Reflecting on the Year

As the end of the school comes to an end, I often reflect back on the success and failure of both my students and myself.

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We Are Looking for Contributors

Are you a teacher that is using digital methods to deliver your classroom content? Are you a trainer that has developed a new way of teaching a top, we want to know what you are doing. We are looking for contributors to TheDigitalTeacher.org, primarily we are looking for single article contributions to help build this site and topics that are covered. If you are interested in submitting an article, contact us at Digitalweeks@gmail.com


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